explore the highest altitude japanese teppanyaki restaurant in bali.


The word of " Yuyake" taken from Japanese language means romantic sunset which will be one of the main features of this Japanese style cooking restaurant. It is open for dinner and offers unbeatable views of legian beach, sunset and ocean while enjoying relaxing evening breeze in a romantic and cozy setting .

Our Menu

Our menu is born from a vision to bring our customers deliciously authentic Japanese dishes with a number of unique recipes designed to tempt and tantalize your taste buds.

Unique & Memorable

It’s a novelty to have your meal cooked in front of you. Watching our chefs display their culinary expertise, a ceremonial burning of oil with epic flames, and everybody relishing in the aroma of food being cooked, making their mouths water, provides a unique, memorable and enjoyable experience. Definitely a real treat for all the senses.